Orders are shipped at very reasonable prices with USPS from our New York facility with tracking provided. Most orders are received within 7 to 10 business days.

About Nora David

Located in New York, Nora David offers a wide range of designer inspired jewelry with the finest attention to detail. We offer quality at competitive wholesale prices. Every piece we procure and sell is made with pride. What separates us from other wholesalers is that there is no minimum order quantity per style required. You can buy one of any style that you like. Our jewelry offers the look and feel of real at unbeatable wholesale prices.

Nora David partners with businesses of all shapes and sizes; from salons to clothing stores, to spas and to those who are active on their social media platforms. Our goal is to bring out the entrepreneur in you. We know you will love the quality of our jewelry and your customers will too. Happy shopping!


Beautiful travel and replica bracelets inspired by your favorite designers.


Beautiful travel and replica earrings inspired by your favorite designers.


Beautiful travel and replica jewelry sets inspired by your favorite designers.


Beautiful travel and replica necklaces inspired by your favorite designers.

Simply Beautiful

We believe that beauty and quality shouldn’t come with an exorbitant price tag. We believe you should have your cake and eat it too! Nora David brings you simply beautiful jewelry at wholesale prices inspired by your favorite designers. Our jewelry is the perfect choice for everyday wear, travel and for anybody that wants to light up the room!

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